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Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.(Q) How much does a paint job cost?
    (A)  Paint jobs can run thousands of dollars because each vehicle is priced differently based on condition,            damages, size, and customers specifications.  
 2.(Q) Why are repairs/repaints so expensive? 
    (A) To properly repair/repaint a vehicle takes a highly skilled technician to repair a vehicle correctly.                     Another factor is quality material and paints are costly.
 3.(Q) How long does it take to repair a vehicle?
    (A) Completion time varies based on damages and insurance companies.                                                               (The average repair time is 3-5 days.)
 4.(Q) Are any warranties included with my repair?
    (A) All of the products we use and workmanship have a lifetime warranty.
 5.(Q)  Do you handle the insurance claim?
    (A) Our customers must start the claim, once that is completed, we can handle all the other steps.
 6.(Q) Can OverSpray save me my deductible?
    (A) No, This would require us to short cut repairs on your vehicle.
          (Repair facilities that save your deductible will do an inaccurate repair to make up for the difference.)
 7.(Q) Do I have to use my insurance preferred shop?
    (A) NO, Texas law allows you to use any repair facility of your choosing. 
 8.(Q) Why does my insurance company want me to use their preferred shops?
    (A) Insurances have contracts with certain repair facilities in order to save costs on repairs.                                    (This does not benefit you as a customer and your vehicle may not be repaired correctly)
 9.(Q)  Do you color match my paint?
    (A) Yes, We have a complete computerized color matching system.
 10.(Q)  Do you offer rental car services?
      (A) We can help arrange for a local rental car for our customers. In some cases insurance companies                  have to create a rental car ticket first.
 11.(Q) Do you offer free estimates?
      (A) YES, No appointment necessary.
 12.(Q)  Do you offer towing?
      (A) We can arrange for towing. We offer towing for classic vehicles only.
 13.(Q)  Do I need my classic vehicle media blasted before paint?
      (A) It is not required but highly recommended for OverSpray to accurately bid and offer any warranties                on products and services.